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Ulcerative Collitis


  • Many Times loose motions..
  • Some times constipation.
  • Defaecation / frequent motions just after having mealMouth ulcerations, fever, weakness.
  • Heaviness.
  • Stomachache.
  • Sticky motions, Nausea.

According to modern science, the causes of ulcerative colitis are unknown till date but ayurveda has a very commanding etiology and treatment for this disease.

“Agni” is said to digest the consumed food and it converts the comsumed food into body elements. “Agni” resides by the organ called “Grahani” when food is pushed down from stomach to Grahani. It is expected that it will stay for some time in Grahani where there will sanskar (digestin action) of agni. But when function of “Grahani” get disturbed it loses its ability to hold the food in it and the undigested / partially digested food is pushed ahead. The required nutrient if not get absorbed properly then the undigested part has to be retained for a long time in colon part (large intestines ). Where absorption of nutrients from the food takes place on a large basic. In order to absorb required nutrients colon needs to perform again and again and load on it goes to increasing which ultimately leads to inflammation and swelling of colon which is called “Colitis”
When the protective layers of the colon goes on thinning. Ulcer formation occurs which is called “Ulcerative Collitis” so the holding capacity of Grahani (Colon) goes on decreasing and it shows followings symptoms.

In ulcerative colitis patients, when bleeding is more it shows complications like Paleness / Anemia, swelling, difficulty in breathing.

Treatment do at Omkar Clinic

The “Agni Chikitsa” along with treatment strengthening the “Grahani” part , Pachan Chikitsa and “Basti” treatment from panchkarma shows marvelous result in Ulcertive Collitis Patients. Basti is the Treatment where medicinal decoctions (Kadha) Along with wound (ulcer) healing oils and ghees are pushed by anorectal route into the intestines. Basti is very precise and very promising treatment for bleeding and motions in Ulcertive Collitis so AgniChikitsa and Basti complete treatment in order to get complete reflie from Ulcertive Collitis.