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Piles / Fissure / Fistula


  • Bleeding after passing a stool.
  • A pile may move down, outside of the anus .
  • A mucus discharge after passing a stool.
  • Itchiness around your anus.
  • Soreness and inflammation around your anus.
  • constipation.


are either dry or bleeding and often caused by chronic constipation, hard and knotty slots, intake of spices, wines, meats and also by poor or absent physical activity. Dry piles are more painful, while bleeding piles render a person weaker. Pregnant ladies, elderly persons, sedentary persons who eat enormously and quite often but do no exercise, or the person taking above-mentioned dietary items, are more prone to piles. Persistent complaint may cause other complications also, such as fissures, cancerous growths, pain, swelling, smarting etc.

Types of Piles :
Dry piles( shushk arsh ) – In dry piles there is inflammation of the external piles, continuous pain and become unbearable while voiding the bowels.

Bleeding piles(stavi arsh ) – In bleeding piles, the internal piles start bleeding and there may be excessive bleeding which lead to anaemia and consequent emaciation.


It is a furrow or a cut and anal is for anal ring- so anal fissure is a cut like condition in the anal ring! Anus is an important part as it controls the movements of the excreta from the body. Once the stool is excessively hard, this leaves a scar on the ring and it causes this painful condition of anal fissure. Anal fissure is confused with the piles for a laymen and the main difference in piles and anal fissure is- the pain initiates just after passing the stool and if the cut is fresh there you can see a lining of the blood on the stool.

This is a condition of Vata aggravation. Once Vata is aggravated, it brings dryness in the body and due to this dryness is increased in the body it dries up the stool. Once this stool is passed forcefully through the anus, this stool cuts the linings of the mucosal membrane on the anal ring. Passing the stool there will be immense irritation on the anal ring and this irritation can increase to sever pain too.

There is one other condition in which Anal fissure can occur in the body and this is the shrinkage of the anal ring. Once this ring is tight to pass the stool, body exerts the maximum pressure on the ring to pass the stool and in this process there will be damage to this ring.

In this second condition, if we check the Dosha, it will be Vata again because this is the Vata Dosha which causes and brings constriction in the muscles. Treatment of the Anal fissure is based on two things, one is the healing of the cuts and second is the removal of the cause like hard stool or constricted anal ring


is a deadly disease which occurs most commonly on the rectum. A yellow liquid gets formed on the area which is very painful. Anal fistula is generally treated through surgery but it is known to recur after some time. You need to be very conscious of this fact when looking to get your condition treated. Ayurvedic remedies for fistula are known to cure the disorder for good. Several techniques and therapeutic procedures are available in Ayurveda that eliminate the problem from its root.

Bhagandara is the name by which fistula is known as in Ayurvedic practice. Three kinds of the disease are recognised with different treatments. One of the important therapies for curing fistula in Ayurveda is Kshar Sutra. This involves cutting up some tissues and these take time to heal

Although Ksheer Sutra is a slow process on the whole but it is getting global recognition gradually as a very effective treatment for fistula. The great advantage in undergoing this treatment is that the patient does not need to be admitted to a hospital. He can carry on with his regular everyday work without any trouble.

Another Ayurvedic treatment for fistula is known as Enema. In this treatment, hot bath is given to the patient suffering from it. Lower body parts are involved in this therapy. A few other types of fomentation is also recommended. The patient needs to be constantly checked for any signs of suffering for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, TB or any other. Agnikarma is another treatment for fistula in Ayurveda.

Treatments done at Omkar Clinic

Shaman and Shodhan
1)Shaman :-Oral Ayurvedic medicine according to prakruti (Body Structure) and symptoms of patient.