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Skin Disorder Treatment
Jun 01

Skin Disorder Treatment

Skin Disorder Treatment:

“Kushta” is a wide term used for various disorders. Skin disorders are  mostly due to the intrinsic toxins formed in the body which are  because of altered lifestyle, consumption of fast food , viruddha anna sevan, stree and prakurti. These toxins affect (pitta) blood and when exceeded irrupt in the form of skin diseases. So the main treatment in  skin diseases is detoxification. The sansaman chikitsa along with  panchakarma and rasayan chikitsa , takrodhara shows excellent results and diseases can get eradicated completely without any side effects on other body systems also.

Psoriasis Acne Vitiligo
Alopecia Eczema Corns
Carbuncles Lichen Plan Us Candidiasis
SLE Basti Oral Vagnial
Dhobi’s Byte Raynaud’s Diseases Penile
In Skin Flods Herpes Cellulitis
D.V.T. Erysipelas Dermatitic
Dandruff Lice Infection keloid
Keratosis Lichen Simplex Melasma
Photoallergy Photosensitivity Ringworm
Scleroderma Scabies Spider Veins Warts

Vericose Veins

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