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Hair Problems and Ayurved
May 01

Hair Problems and Ayurved

Hair Problems and Ayurveda:

Extensive and severe hair loss, premature greying , baldness, alopecia, dandruff, split ends, excessive dryness of hair. These are some very common complaints about hair. In these complaints hair fall seems like a very simple issue but can get really serious . At the onset, everyone ignores it but gradually hair becomes thin and probability of baldness seems like a reality and then the seriousness is noted. Even premature greying is later observed.

In ayurveda hair is said to be a “mala” (byproduct) of “Asthi Dhaty” (Bones). It is formed as mala when sarbhaga of asthidhatu is formed.
Likewise body health of hair is also dependent on the food consumed. If the food taken provides rich nourishment to “Asthi Dhatu ” and if proper care of hair is taken , then hair will always be in good health.

Today the life style is far more hectic, stress has become very common. In addition, consumption of fast food, bakery products, Chinese food, salty diet etc has increased, this has also resulted in tremendous increase of hair fall. Pitta factor has increased and this goes to the hair follicle and thinning of root of hair follicles occurs which enhances hair fall. If pitta increases to a great extend then premature greying takes place. Hair fall also increases due to anaemia and long lasting fevers. In the course of food intake kapha dosha if taken excessively the layers of “vikrut kapha” start to form at the scalp and then this converts to Dandruff, which also leads to hair fall. When this vikrut kapha if formed at the hair root then glands at the base of hair follicle stop working and spots and pitches are formed which we term as Alopecia (Chai).

The treatment is done as per its reason. Just use of different oils and shampoos does not give results infact hair fall and greying goes on increasing if not treated. For this purpose internal (oral) medicines are given which provide nourishment to the Asthi Dhatu, Lower the increase abnormal pitta locally. Oils are also important for application, use of nasya cinstillation of medicinal nasal drop is also very beneficial. It strengthens hair root. Generally shampoos should be avoided and Ritha and shikekai should be used. Hot water shouldn’t be taken onthe scalp.

Junk food, sour, soda products should be avoided and proper treatment under the guidance of expert doctor should be taken at proper time so that baldness and premature greying can be avoided.

Treatment : Nasya, Shirodhara, Vaman, Virechan, Basti.

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