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Gall Bladder Stone / Chloe Lithia sis
Mar 01

Gall Bladder Stone / Chloe Lithia sis

Gall bladder is a storage site of pitta which is secreted when the  food bolus moves from stomach to intestine and brings out digestion  but the pitta is produced in liver. When pitta dosha is vitiated and  liquidity and taikshnya decrease stones are formed. Due to  vitiated pitta, symptoms like indigestion, anorexia (loss of appetite),  gaseous distension, right epigastria pain, constipation etc. appear.

Treatment of Kaphavritta saman vayu is done at our hospital / clinic.
It is found that even if the gall bladder is removed surgically  above symptoms still persist in 70% patients. But by Bhedan, Virechan and  Basti Chikitsa the stones may liquefy and patients get completely cured.

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